Guilt and Shame are words often used interchangeably.

However, I have found it helpful to make a distinction between the two, viewing them as completely different concepts.

How are they different?

Shame is an intense emotional response to something we have done that does not line up with our personal moral code. It can also be a response to something we have done that does not live up to the personal moral code of those around us.

Guilt is something we acknowledge, the actual state of things. We are either responsible for something or we are not.

What to do about Shame and Guilt:

  1. Move quickly from shame to acknowledging your role.  This is when you determine if you are experiencing shame because you genuinely have caused harm, intentionally or unintentionally.

2. Accept that you are guilty if you are. When you accept your guilt, you are saying “yes, I did that. I am responsible”.

  1. Move immediately into concentrated action!  Ask yourself, what am I going to do now to get out of addiction? Have an action plan for how to get out of addiction.

Moving forward is the greatest indicator of a change of heart for the person struggling with addiction.  

Need help getting an action plan in place or processing your shame?

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I work as a life coach for men and women who are porn or sex addicts, or who suffer from any compulsive behaviors or negative thinking.

I also work with partners of addicts, helping them heal and regain their lives.

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