Hey everyone, I’m Coleman.

I am beyond excited to join the exceptional team of coaches at Feed the Right Wolf. The tools of The Mindful Habit System that I learned from Craig literally changed my life. In less than one year, I’ve gone from your average, middle-aged guy with a wife and kids, house in the suburbs, and a dependable job. But my secret of unhealthy sexuality finally caught up to me. I had been hiding something from nearly everyone for more than 20 years.

I saw my first pornographic image at a young age. In my late teen years, unhealthy sexual behavior was beginning to consume me. That behavior continued through some painful experiences and grew worse with the advent of internet pornography. After college, when internet access became available in my home, the world of online porn changed my life forever.

I began consuming more and more, wasting hours and sometimes entire days looking at images and watching videos. For more than twenty years, I used internet porn to cope, numb, and escape from those painful emotions rooted in past experiences. I’d tried multiple times to stop, only to go back after a few weeks.

Of course, my spouse caught me many times – the browser history, text messages and emails, etc. She threatened to leave me several times if I didn’t stop. I almost lost my family several times. And yet, in spite of that, I kept going back to it after just days or weeks.

Eventually, my returning over and over again caught up with me. My world came crashing down. My family fell apart. My addiction had destroyed my life and cost me my family.

2-wood-fence-bwI found myself alone, depressed, and not knowing what the future would hold or
how I was going to put my life back together again.

But I knew that something had to change.

I had already started a meditation practice but it had never become regular part of my life. I had decided to make meditation a daily practice and I soon began noticing a difference in the way I felt. I became more and more interested in mindfulness, reading books/articles, listening to podcasts, consuming all of the information on it that I could get my hands on.

I wondered if anyone had developed a program that dealt specifically with addiction that emphasized meditation. So I began searching and found Craig. I joined the free Facebook group and enrolled in a webinar that Craig hosted. I quickly became convinced that he had found the connections I was looking for, so I signed up to work with him as soon as I could.

The Mindful Habit System made an immediate impact on my life. I began being more aware of my triggers and learned how to manage them and how to start focusing on the life I wanted to create, rather than the behavior I was trying to stop.

As someone who has worked in education and personal growth, in one form or another, for my entire adult life – I’ve been a minister, teacher, professor, and university administrator. As the tools of TMH and mindfulness began to make a dramatic impact on my life, I knew that I had discovered something that was so valuable that could help so many people. I knew that I needed to do whatever was necessary to put myself in a position to start teaching these tools to others.

I enrolled in a Mindfulness Teachers program as well as The Mindful Habit Coaches Certification, completing both about the same time. The tools I’ve learned and continue to sharpen from Craig, along with other mindfulness teachers, are skills that anyone can learn to use to elevate their awareness, change their perspectives, and enhance their quality of life.

Here’s one of the most powerful things I learned through my experience – change does not have to take a long time and change begins the moment you make a decision. I’ll say more about this in my next blog post.

I am thrilled to be part of this outstanding organization that is helping men all over the world end their struggle with compulsive porn use and sexual behavior. The tools we teach worked for me and countless others – and now I am ready to teach you how to permanently end your compulsive behavior.

If you’re ready to make the decision to take action, to regain control, and to start creating the life you’ve always wanted – schedule your free 20 minute consultation with me today and let’s take the first step.

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