Fighting rampant consumerism of modern society

You know you have a problem. You do. Otherwise you would not reach out to this page and read this article. But, at the same time, professional help is too expensive. You struggle to get out of debt, new things to buy and pay for are piling up, and extra effort like paying for recovery seems like unbearable task.

If you do struggle with the conditions above the chance is, that you become a pray for rampant consumerism of our modern society. You are not alone in this struggle. Your neighbour, your cousin, your wife – we are all living in times where excess became a neccessity, while neccessary things magically turn into luxury.

I was in similar place some time ago and this was the moment when I’ve first heard about the idea of minimalism. What is minimalism? For me it is deciding to live with less things and more meaning. Think for a moment, that your whole house was burned down. All the stuff there, all your collectibles, tech gadgedts, everything that you owned is gone. What are you left with?

For me that is my relationships, my health, my personality and skills and the memories of adventures that happened during my life. Yet, how much time and resources am I really using for developing these things? And what if you would change your priorities for a moment and instead of saving up for new TV or new headphones set that you will sell or break after a year, invest in yourself?

I think this is an important discussion to have, since consumerism and materialism are both so deeply ingrained in our society. Minimalism is not about „not having“ things, but about seeing them for what they are – just stuff to use, not anything less nor anything more. We may like nice objects or we may live like hermits, but ultimately we will all die, and unfortunately we won’t be able to take those objects with us. But memories that we left, ideas that we created, impact we had on our world – that is going to last.

So become a fighter & challenge this status quo!

#2 next week!