Good morning guys,

This is Coach Adrian and today we are going to talk about TWO habits that can boost your recovery. Too often we focus on things that we shouldn’t do. I shouldn’t watch porn, I shouldn’t drink alcohol, I shouldn’t fantasise. What we miss is a crucial rule of behaviour change – to break a habit you need to make a habit. We forget that the key to healthy sexuality is focusing on those positive and healthy activities we want do INSTEAD of watching porn.

Now, let me give you a little bit of science. I love science! So, when we watch porn, our brain produces a hormone, connected with excitement. This hormone is called dopamine. What we are often not aware off, though is that porn is manufactured to create stimulation higher than any sexual encounter you may have in real life. How? The shots are done in a very specific way, focusing on performers genitals with close-ups that we would never experience in real life. Performers wear tons of make-up and sexual activity is often prolonged and enhanced by drugs, like viagra. Even ejaculations are clearly visible – because it stirs up the competitive responses in male brain. The effect of this fake-perfect-sexual-fantasy is release of dopamine that is similar to flood. Your brain gets overloaded with it, it’s not used to that. That’s why some people get addicted to porn – and that’s why after the high of watching our favourite porn movie – we experience low mood, tiredness and anxiety.

Now, what it all has to do with those two positive habits? Well, there are activities, that release serotonine, which is naturally counter-balancing the effects of dopamine flood. It is almost like natural pill for our problems. If you focuse on activities that release serotonine, you may find yourself in a calmer, better mood, and you will definately less triggered to watch porn!

Those two healthy habits are – mindfulness and jogging. You know what jogging is, so I won’t get into details of that. The important is that – as scientific researches are showing – even 30 minutes of physical activity releases endorphines that are crucial for our good mood and self-esteem. Now, mindfulness. It is very simple. Mindfulness means paying attention. Being here and now, focusing on the present moment entirely. How to practice it?

Well if you want to find out, send me an e-mail on! Stay tuned!