This blogpost will be a quick guide to declutterring your house and life.

  1. Ask yourself how many of the items you have that you didn’t use during last year. If you didn’t use them there’s big chance you don’t need them. Sell/donate/trash them.
  2. Chances are that you are now in a posession of items you could use. Now ask yourself, which items really add value to your life? Which items do you cherish, or use frequently out of necessity, and which items could you really live without? Put them in boxes and try to live without them for a week. If you didn’t use them, sell, or donate. Let go of it.
  3. Instead of buying new, better, or more fashionable versions of something, stick to what you already have. When it breaks or when it’s really worn out, let it go and buy a quality item that you really like and that you will be able to use for years.
  4. Focus on minimizing debt. Budget daily (there are apps for that). Try to cook more at home and eat out less (it is going to be good for your health as well). Think if some luxury items you have that are crucial for you. For example, I did have a drumset I used only once or twice a year. Sold it.
  5. Stop keeping up with the Joneses. We all follow signs of status and significance. But before you buy a new house or new car, ask yourself if you can afford it and if you really need it. Chances are? You don’t. Time used for working like crazy to pay your debt could be easily used to develop yourself or your relationships with loved ones. Use your time wisely.
  6. Stop holiday shopping sprees. We all have tons of stuff and there is a good possibility that the person to whom you are giving this gift doesn’t need new shampoo or a book. Instead of giving meaningless gifts and getting even more in debt during holidays, create something yourself. That can be a gift card, a cake, a movie, a journey, an adventure, or a party. Use your creativity to give gifts that are not material and will last forever.
  7. Declutter your kitchen. First, throw away or compost all items that are out of date. Then think about things you’re not using and plan some meals to use them. After that, you will be left only with your favourite foods and spices that you are using on a daily basis. Use FIFO rule. First in, first out.

List above might expand!

Best wishes,
Coach Adrian.