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No Money For recovery? Let’s Change That! #1

aka Fighting rampant consumerism of modern society You know you have a problem. You do. Otherwise you would not reach out to this page and read this article. But, at the same time, professional help is too expensive. You struggle to get out of debt, new things to buy...

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Part I: Trauma isn’t a Life Sentence

have shared my own story, and will continue to do so, highlighting how The Mindful Habit System helped me to overcome my trauma symptoms, and how I recovered from the trauma of damaged trust, but ingesting the possibility of change and digesting it, requires more than inspiring stories of the healing of others.

In part, this is due our tendency as human beings to assume that the joy, healing, success, triumph, or love that other people experience in their lives, is due to fortuitous occurrence that would never find its way to our own doorstep.

In addition, there is also just a general lack of understanding about trauma that needs to be remedied. I am committed to sharing my personal story, but also to sharing practical, research backed information about trauma and how it can be healed so that women (and men) everywhere can move on with their lives after discovering that their partner has engaged in sexually compulsive behaviors.

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