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Hi, my name is Adrian Sztobryn and I am honored that you are here. I’m also sorry that you are struggling. 

I know what that’s like – I’ve been there. My struggles with porn drove me nearly to suicide. I was in such a dark place that when I broke free with the help of Craig and The Mindful Habit System I knew I had to dedicate my life to helping others. 

My mission is to set you free. Welcome.

Schedule your FREE session now. You may wait your whole life or you may take this chance to change it. I coach fathers, business owners, therapists, executives and students from all over the world. I appeared on BBC Radio and I have a Professional Psychological Background.

I know what it feels like! Do you know why? I was there brother! There’s nothing that you have done or will do that will make me judge you because I was in the same dark place that you are in now! The only difference now is that I know the way out! Now is the time for you to find the way out!

It’s your choice, you are the only one who can make the decision. Do you want to invest time, money and energy to find the same freedom I found or do you want to keep doing the same stuff over and over again? The choice is yours – schedule your free session now where I will tell you precisely how to break free from the shackles of sex addiction and porn addiction. Adrian Sztobryn, C.P.C., C.M.H.C.

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TWO Habits That Will Boost Your Recovery!

Good morning guys, This is Coach Adrian and today we are going to talk about TWO habits that can boost your recovery. Too often we focus on things that we shouldn’t do. I shouldn’t watch porn, I shouldn’t drink alcohol, I shouldn’t fantasise. What we miss is a crucial rule of behaviour change - to break a habit you need to make a habit. We forget that the key to healthy sexuality is focusing on those positive and healthy activities we want do INSTEAD of watching porn. Now, let me give you Read more [...]
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How Can I Be Sex-Positive And Against Porn?

Many people who have never had problems with controlling their own sexuality may wonder what is really about this movement against pornography? Are we all guided by religious motives? While working with my clients I often remind them that my focus is towards healthy sexuality, not sobriety. This approach is focused on finding ways of sexual expression that are enjoyable, safe and intimate rather than stopping yourself from particular behaviour. It's more about WHY you do something and less about Read more [...]
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My Healthy Sexuality Manifesto

Hi, From my knowledge of sexology it is clear that the distinction between healthy sex and unhealthy sex is not as obvious as it may seem. It is beyond the sexual normalcy to use sex in an instrumental way, not to unload your sex drive, but to escape from some difficult emotions and situations. A typical example of such behavior is masturbation when we are stressed as well as any other form of sexual behavior. So if we don’t watch pornography or we don’t masturbate, that doesn’t necessarily Read more [...]
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My Adventure With Minimalism

What is Minimalism? In my own words I will convey what Minimalism is. Minimalism is a trend, as well as a philosophy of life in opposition to the galloping consumerism of the present. It’s basic assumptions that can be characterized according to "avoiding unnecessary things." rule. Minimalists decide to focus on quality, not quantity. So what is unnecessary? This is a question that each of us must ask ourselves alone, but as usual, I offer a few directions: Before you buy something, ask Read more [...]
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Adrian Sztobryn

Adrian is a certified life and addiction-recovery coach, trained in a mindfulness based addiction recovery program. He coaches clients all over the world one on one, runs the Enhanced Accountability Program along with Group Coaching calls for the Online Program.

If you wish to schedule a free consultation with Adrian please do so here.

Adrian Sztobryn is a certified life and addiction-recovery coach, trained in a mindfulness based addiction recovery program. He coaches clients all over the world one on one, runs the Enhanced Accountability Program along with Group Coaching calls for the Online Program on the Mindful Habit platform.

He spent hundreds of hours mastering his skills and tools under the guidance of one of the most remarkable coaches working with people struggling with sex addiction in the USA and internationally, Craig Perra.

He knows the way out, because he was there – and he survived. He is studying psychological science at University of Adam Mickiewicz in Poznan, Poland and helping people around the world.

Privately, he’s passionate about drums, far-east culture, literature and music, as well as biological sciences.


  • C.P.C, Certified Professional Coach – Fowler International Academy
  • C.M.H.C., Certified Mindful Habit Coach – The Mindful Habit Company
  • Experiential Educators Europe 2014 (Poland) – led workshops on Mindfulness Training
  • Experiential Educators Europe 2015 (Italy) – led workshops on Voice Dialogue Technique
  • University of Adam Mickiewicz in Poznan – currently studying to earn Masters Degree in Psychology – 2013 –2018