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That. F@#$%^&*. Couch. I know. Not much of a mission. Unless you know what that couch represents. For me, that couch was when I looked at my life, and wondered “Holy S$%^! How did I end up here?”

On that couch I found myself homeless, without my wife and two youngest children, demoted and close to being fired, fighting addictions to drugs and porn, and battling for my life against Sickle Cell. Just broken.

My Mission is to help you get off That Couch.

On that couch, with nothing more than a dog and my oldest son to cling to, I realized two things. 1) I didn’t belong here and, 2) I never wanted to be on this couch again! It took a lot to get off that couch. It took even more to get back what I had lost.

Maybe that couch is something different for you, but as a Man, we all want to avoid that couch AND have our best in every area of our life. Yet, somewhere along the lines of acquiring labels, roles and whatever else we have to justify our position in life, we forgot the basic principles we need to just operate as our best self.

So, if you’re still wondering what the mission is here, well, it’s simple. To create a MOVEMENT of R.A.D.I.C.A.L. New Breed of Men, Armed with New Habits and New Philosophy to live the life they Deserve!

Coach G, C.M.H.C., B.A.M.F.

Coach, Feed The Right Wolf

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There are 3 investments EVERYONE makes in pursuing a worthwhile endeavor: time, energy, and $$$. Make the 1st investment and let’s just TALK!

It will cost you time. It may cost you energy. It won’t cost you a dime! I PROMISE that even if we don’t fit long term, you’ll get immediate help! Let’s start the necessary growth… NOW!

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As your Coach, I only have TWO objectives for the men I work with, and they’re the same I hold for myself:

1. To rid your life of porn and other compulsive habits, and

2. Develop the skill set to become the best version of YOU!

For a lot of us, porn and all the other indirect lifestyle habits it brings (excessively angry, self-doubt, fear, decreased erection, etc.) was or is a comforting cage that kept us from becoming our best.  

However, regardless of the comfort we find, it doesn’t exclude us of the shame and guilt we feel at the end of our porn habit cycle.

Hence why my first goal is to simply steer you away from porn with proven tactics, and that only happens when you also get pushed out of your comfort zone!

Secondly, the coaches with TMH have studied, practiced and use each of the tools and tactics we provide for one reason only, THEY WORK!

Our method works. Period. No fluff. No pills. Just real men building other real men.

Listen, I’m a bit of a bitter, jagged pill to swallow, but if you truly desire a life free of porn, guilt, shame, lies, anger, and everything else that follows this addiction, do the easiest step in the process, call me.

Coach G.

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George “Coach G” Morning is a father, husband, Christian, and addict!

George found his calling to help men win the battle against sex and porn addiction though his own battle.

Like most addicts, it wasn’t until George found himself at his personal rock bottom that he refers to as “That.F#$%^%$#.COUCH!” that he decided to get the help he not only needed, but finally desired!

Homeless, living check to check, separated from wife and kids, demoted professionally and broken mentally, emotionally and spiritually; George saw the full effects his addiction brought him, and decided to make a permanent change!

With the help of The Mindful Habit System, strong coaches and HARD WORK, George overcame his addiction. George then took the necessary steps to become “Coach G”.

With training and certification, George evolved into Coach G, specializing in helping men AND women conquer their habit of change; create a mindset greater than motivation; and, regain their identity by becoming RADICAL (different from what is traditionally known about them) and prepared to get the lifestyle they DESERVE!

Coach G currently lives in the Washington DC metropolitan area with his oldest son and frequently visits New York to see his wife and two youngest children. When not changing lives through coaching, Coach G enjoys a good sweat from Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai practice and spending as much time as possible with his family. It’s what he’s fought for, deserved and earned!



  • C.M.H.C., Certified Mindful Habit Coach – The Mindful Habit Company
  • B.A.M.F.