Coach Tara

My mission:

My aim in life is to pursue authentic self so that I can live congruently integrating my values with my mission in life. I believe that if we live authentically, it allows others the space to do the same and to find their own way. Part of this is continually putting aside the distractions of negative habits and stories and looking deeper to the true person whether it be ourselves or someone else. I think this is the only way out of addiction or any other destructive behavior, to rework the way we behave and think to allow room for our true self to emerge”. In a nutshell “live authentically and allow others to do the same”. If you aren’t look for something so long, let me know… Maybe just a statement.

My motto:

“Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakes”. Carl Gustav Jung

Tara Eash, C.M.H.C.

Coach, Feed The Right Wolf

Don’t you want a life that is different from the life you are experiencing now? I believe you do, or you would not be viewing this site.  When I called Craig I not only wanted to heal from my partner’s past behavior, but I wanted to find my way in life, to redefine myself.  I was in a word-miserable! Even though a portion of my misery was due to the situation, a majority of it was due to the outlook I brought into my relationship with my husband, some 16 years before I learned about The Mindful Habit System.

Don’t you want more? You can have it. Do you want to not only heal, but to experience happiness and fulfillment long-term?  It’s possible. I am confident I can help. I offer a money back guarantee if after 3 weeks you do not see life altering change. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain! Call me today and see how this is more than just a way to “get through” and survive. You are a survivor but let that be only a fraction of what defines you.



Part I: Trauma isn’t a Life Sentence

have shared my own story, and will continue to do so, highlighting how The Mindful Habit System helped me to overcome my trauma symptoms, and how I recovered from the trauma of damaged trust, but ingesting the possibility of change and digesting it, requires more than inspiring stories of the healing of others. In part, this is due our tendency as human beings to assume that the joy, healing, success, triumph, or love that other people experience in their lives, is due to fortuitous occurrence that would never find its way to our own doorstep. In addition, there is also just a general lack of understanding about trauma that needs to be remedied. I am committed to sharing my personal story, but also to sharing practical, research backed information about trauma and how it can be healed so that women (and men) everywhere can move on with their lives after discovering that their partner has engaged in sexually compulsive behaviors. Read more [...]
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One Way to Begin an Addiction Free Life

Being distracted by the people, ideals or fantasies is a huge roadblock because our lives do not exist in hopes and wishes but in the moment. It is unhelpful for you is LIVING VICARIOUSLY THROUGH SOMEONE ELSE. Why is this unhelpful for you? Because LIVING Vicariously isn’t living! Read more [...]
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Coaching vs. Counseling? Clarifying Expectations

So what's the difference then between therapy and coaching? I like to look at it from the perspective of the client's expectations. Truth be told, there are so many different forms of therapy and coaching that it isn't fair to lump all into an either/or categories, or make apples to apples comparisons. Read more [...]
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Choices That Help Overcome Addiction

I had a health "scare" recently that involved a malfunctioning blood sugar monitor. .As a person who is very health conscious, and who has had gestational diabetes, I was very upset at the prospect of what appeared to be an indication of being diabetic or pre-diabetic. When it was all said and done I found renewed clarity. Here is what I learned and how it reinforced what I know about addictive behavior (or any other negative habit): 1. No matter how big the issue, living in the moment is crucial! Trying Read more [...]
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Tara Eash

Reared on a farm, Tara was surrounded by hard working, grounded people. But despite her somewhat idyllic and sequestered child-hood, she struggled with obsessions, compulsions, and self loathing. At the age of 38, she was able to incorporate her past struggles into her life and use them to move towards the life she truly wanted for the first time. She credits The Mindful Habit System, enrolling in personal coaching with Craig Perra, and a desperation for change with the drastic changes in her outlook.

She considers herself a “late bloomer” and is passionate about helping people 40 and over get out of deep life ruts and find fulfillment. Tara studied psychology with a minor in sociology at the Mount Vernon Nazarene University in Mount Vernon, Ohio. She worked as a case manager for abused and neglected children in the state of Ohio for four years when she was fresh out of school, but then decided to take a break from working away from home to rear her firstborn. 

She is now a certified Mindful Habit System coach and is committed to her own personal study of addiction, relationship trauma, sexuality, and holistic approaches to these issues with a focus on applied neuroscience, philosophy, cognitive-behavioral psychology, and natural healing. Tara is passionate about healthy sexuality and healing trauma from a holistic perspective, and is dedicated to sharing that information through videos, public speaking events, blogging, and group coaching programs. 

Her future plans are to pursue a degree in applied neuroscience, pursue Jungian-archetypal studies, and write her first fantasy fiction novel.  Tara lives and writes in the Appalachian countryside with her family where she enjoys lifting weights, spending time with her family, and being outdoors.

Tara Eash is a certified life and addiction-recovery coach, trained in a mindfulness based addiction recovery program. He coaches clients all over the world one on one, runs the Enhanced Accountability Program along with Group Coaching calls for the Online Program.



C.M.H.C., Certified Mindful Habit Coach – The Mindful Habit Company