About Tara Eash

I called Craig Perra the day I felt like I couldn’t go on living.

The trauma of having a partner who struggled with pornography, and the ongoing strain of my own mental health and negative belief systems, overwhelmed me.

I didn’t want to face another day.

My first call with Craig changed my life. My life had already been impacted in a powerful way by Craig’s work with my husband, but on that day… things started to change for me. Because of the principles of The Mindful Habit System and Craig’s passion for helping people, my life was transformed into the life I have now. . . a life of hope and possibility.

I have been where you are. I understand the pain of betrayal. I understand the fear and lack of trust. I understand you wanting to salvage your relationship. I can help you address all of these issues and more.

I love the action oriented approach of The Mindful Habit System. For me it was a refreshing move away from the victim mindset and the passive approach I had taken for years.

My overarching goal is to help you heal and move forward. To help you value yourself once more. Coaching is an investment in yourself. One I am confident you will not regret.

It would be my privilege to join you on your journey.

Tara Eash

Coach, Feed The Right Wolf

call: 304-514-1688

The Mindful Habit System is an investment that will not only have implications for your healing after the betrayal of a partner, but it can be applied to any negative behavior or mental health issues.

I have applied the knowledge from this program to help me transform my lifelong habit of self loathing, my pessimistic outlook, and my lack of confidence. I have used it to manage and overcome the power of my struggles with OCD. I have used it change my daily habits and relationship issues that were hindering me from pursuing the life I wanted. I continue to use it on a daily basis. The time and money I spent coaching with Craig and learning The Mindful Habit System was well invested as I will continue to use it throughout my life.

Don’t you want a life that is different from the life you are experiencing now?

I believe you do, or you would not be viewing this site.

When I called Craig I not only wanted to heal from my partner’s past behavior, but I wanted to find my way in life, to redefine myself.

I was in a word- miserable! Even though a portion of my misery was due to the situation, a majority of it was due to the outlook I brought into my relationship with my husband, some 16 years before I learned about The Mindful Habit System.

Don’t you want more? You can have it. Do you want to not only heal, but to experience happiness and fulfillment long-term?

It’s possible. I am confident I can help. I offer a money back guarantee if after 3 weeks you do not see life altering change. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Call me today and see how this is more than just a way to “get through” and survive. You are a survivor but let that be only a fraction of what defines you.”

Tara Eash

Coach, Feed The Right Wolf