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porn sex addiction coachesDo you want to stop your porn/sex addiction? Is compulsive sex or porn hurting your life? Do you want to get control of your sex but can’t? Then YOU have come to the right place for HELP. We are Professional Recovery Coaches, Craig & Michelle Perra, and we know exactly what you are going through . . . we’ve been there ourselves.

For the men, Craig delivers a powerful coaching experience based on the science of habit and addiction, mindfulness, and ACTION. Each of his programs have a no risk money back guarantee.

For the women partners, Michelle provides compassionate and inspirational support to help you move through this minefield towards happiness in a positive self-empowering way.

Please browse the coaching site, watch our videos, read what our clients have to say, and and learn more about us, our programs, and what you can expect to achieve. We can help you worldwide via phone or Skype. Welcome!

Sex and Porn Addicts

porn addiction the mindful habit

  • Revolutionary treatment programs
  • Designed by a former porn addict
  • Based upon the science of habit, addiction, mindfulness and action
  • Designed to get you off porn fast
  • And help you get the life you always wanted

Click for Freedom


porn addict couples

  • Learn to connect in powerful ways
  • Using an action based program with exercises, readings, and real “survival” tools
  • Taught by former porn addict and his wife
  • To create a very deep intimacy
  • That will change your relationship forever
  • In ways you never dreamed imaginable

Click to Survive


Porn addict spouse partner

  • Empowering support for the partner
  • Work with someone who understands what you are going though
  • Learn tools to help YOUR healing
  • Set healthy boundaries
  • Create the life YOU want
  • And get your awesomeness back

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(916) 259-3827 OR EMAIL

You can schedule your free 30 minute session online here also.

Why Coaching?

Porn Addiction Counseling

  • Your SEX is powerful.
  • When it’s out of control with porn or shameful sex you might need a coach
  • Coaching is an action oriented and goal driven process to empower you
  • It provides structure and accountability

Is Porn Negatively Impacting Your Life?


porn addiction coaches

  • Craig and Mishka coached with sex addiction guru at top treatment center
  • Survived and thrived after Craig’s sex and porn addiction
  • Created action oriented programs to empower you to embrace your power of choice and love in a powerful way

Learn More About Coaches Craig and Michelle

What Clients Say

Porn Addict Counseling

  • “In only three weeks I have made more progress than in the last year of constant work.”
  • “Craig showed me the power of choice! I have pride for the first time in my life.”

  • “You have made such a huge difference from us in such a short amount of time.”

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  1. Margaret Stone

    Fantastic site! Thank you for helping spouses and partners like me who are faced with the grief and devastation of sex addiction in the family.

  2. nickson calver

    every time i login to the computer gues what come in my mind sex , porn ,pussy.these things are making me so bad i dont know how to stop.

    • mercy

      thank thats great


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