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Helping You Honor Your Worth!

We all have struggles and always will. Whatever is continuing to happen in your life is because you said it’s ok – and that’s a TOUGH REALITY!  

What your future looks like is your choice. 

Is there any reason you wouldn’t want to improve your future?  

I encourage you to explore how The Mindful Habit® System for Partners can improve your life.

YOU MATTER, and you are worth it.

My name is Sandi McGarraugh, and I’m the partner of a man who struggled with sex addiction, and I’m so much for then that, and so are you. I’m also a Certified Life Coach through Craig Perra’s The Mindful Habit® System and I’m a Certified Coach through the John Maxwell Team for Leadership, Life, and Business Coaching. I’m a professional, a wife, a mother, a sister, an aunt AND I’m a friend.  

I understand the gut wrenching betrayal, insecurity and emotional rollercoaster that comes with being married to a Sex Addict. I’ve compromised my values, beliefs and morals at times to try to keep his attention. I especially know how finding lasting help can be a daunting task.  

I’ve been to many family counselors that helped somewhat, but they offered more of a label of my codependence rather than a solution for healing.

I went to a CSAT, certified sex addiction therapist, that helped me understand the “disease” even further, but I still couldn’t get my logic to match up with my emotions… I seemed in constant inner turmoil.

With all of the education I had received from “specialized” and “certified” counseling, it wasn’t until I actually went through The Mindful Habit® System that I broke through the glass ceiling that I had been struggling with for so long.  

I FINALLY found that voice inside me that helped me understand why I was feeling so needy and why I had so much trouble setting boundaries.  

Once I found that voice, my world changed. I now have skills that help me deal with my triggers and confidence with my response to them. I can identify what they are, where they come from and what my inner need is.  

This has been the key in my ability to live in an emotionally healthy state of mind.

Sandi McGarraugh, C.M.H.C.

Certified Mindful Habit® Coach, Feed The Right Wolf

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Kind of nervy to say, huh?  I imagine women reading this thinking “Wow, she’s got a lot of nerve!  Does she really think I asked for this and least of all ENJOY IT?”   No, I don’t.  I want to get your attention though, to help you break a habit.  We wake up thinking of the betrayal and think about it all day.  We obsess about it as we search for more and more evidence, wanting to make sure we don’t miss a thing.  We cry, then we sleep, then we have outburst of anger.  We drive ourselves Read more [...]
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