Free Recovery Course for Porn Addiction and Sex Addiction

Free Recovery Course for Porn Addiction and Sex Addiction


Since 2007, this website has empowered millions to leave their sex addiction and porn addiction in the past, to find healthy sexuality, and create great lives.


Welcome to the FREE recovery course for sex and porn addiction. Right now, in this moment, you are doing the exact same thing that I did. I found this site very early in my recovery from sex and porn addiction and it completely changed my life. It represented a powerful shift for me and is one of the reasons I’m where I’m at today.


It’s when I started to FEED THE RIGHT WOLF inside me instead of obsessively focusing on what I didn’t want to do.

Watch this video to learn more about Feed The Right Wolf and then download your FREE recovery course for you or for your partner.

Please note

Educating yourself is very important, but it is the actions that you take that will set you free. If you are ready to change your life I recommend the following 3 action steps:

  1. Read through every article in the recovery course.
  2. Sign up for accountability software. I recommend Covenant Eyes at $10 a month, but if you can’t afford it at this time, K9 filter could work for you.
  3. Sign up for a group or one-one one sessions with one of our coaches or this powerful online program that I highly recommend. Call (916)259-3827 to learn more (I know Coaches Craig and Michelle Perra personally – they do amazing work, save families, and change lives).
    If you can’t afford this investment, substitute it with attending Sex Addicts Anonymous meetings either in person or over the phone. (12 step program is not perfect, but it does provide a much needed live support environment.)

Here are the first few articles and a list of topics that the course will cover.

Understanding Porn Addiction

  1. 5 Brain Chemicals in Healthy Sexual Act and How it is Different from Pornography Addiction
  2. Pornography Addiction Cycle
  3. How the Human Brain Works
  4. Triggers of the Reptilian Brain
  5. The Emotional Brain

Practical Steps to Break Porn Addiction

  1. Simple Practices to Get Your Brain Back
  2. Creating Your Sexual Recovery Plan
  3. The Best Thing You Can Do Today For Your Sexual Recovery
  4. How to use ERP Properly to Change Your Emotional Brain for Good
  5. A-B-C-D-E Model that is Guaranteed to Change Your Life

Creating the Big Picture Vision

  1. An Important Strategy to Help You Break Free
  2. 7 Beliefs That Kept Me Trapped
  3. How to Handle Triggers or Mini – ERP
  4. What Does a Trigger Tell Us?
  5. What Do You Want from Life? A Very Important Exercise

Relapse Prevention

  1. My Relapse, and What I Learned From It – Part1
  2. My Relapse, and What I Learned From It – Part 2
  3. What is Wrong with 12 Steps Groups, What is Right with 12 Steps Groups
  4. 12 Steps Meetings – What Are They Like?
  5. God’s Will for You, or Awaken Your Stronger Self
  6. Filtering Software – A Tough But Important Decision
  7. The Emptiness Inside of Me, and How to Fill It Up
  8. Thank You for Your Time! Course Summary Inside

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  1. My Husband is addicted to porn, but claims that he is not aroused by it, that he never even gets an erection, and that it has been years since he masturbated to it. Could this be true? I want to believe him, but I find it hard to believe. If it weren't the sexual desire and the results that porn provide, why would he be addicted to it? He says that it just pops into his mind and he cannot stop thinking about it until he looks at porn. Alex, you have helped me to feel a little better about all of this, but what do you think…is he just not telling me everything?

    • no erection? I seriosly doubt it.

  2. Thanks for this site from the bottom of my heart. I am trying to be understanding and a friend to my husband as we work through this and it is such a hard complicated situation. I am angry and critical but know that doesn't help so I am looking for answers/help. This is really challenging the relationship and I don't feel like being intimate with him anymore. But that doesn't help either, it is just how I feel. I don't want him with a head full of a host of porn images and I think I should have that right but I know it sounds like blackmail. It's not what I'm trying to do, just really don't want porn in my life and in his head when he's with me. And it is still my life even though I am married isn't it? Not really. I have to figure out a way to be close to him again or our whole family will go down the drain. So, again. Thanks from the bottom of my heart for this site. I really hope he and I can get some help reading it. Take care and good luck to feed the right wolf and all reading this site!:)

    • I know how u feel my husband and I have been married for 5 years and I found out about his addiction maybe 3 years into our marriage. It was a shock to me because I thought that I was pleasing him in every way. It made me not want to be intimate with him anymore. I got over that because I trusted him like a wife should trust her husband and believe he was done with it. well i was wrong a couple of weeks ago I found out that he had started watching it again not just on the internet but on his phone as well. I love my husband and I want us to make it. I really need some help. I pray that this help us.

  3. I just wanted to re-assure everybody that this site is not going to go anywhere, at least as long as I am alive.

    There is currently a very small member base on our forum, so please sign up and participate. Your input will be important to others who who also signed up.

  4. There's a wealth of free info avail on this site.What I can't understand is the " sparse " number of members on the support board ? I would join up-but am afraid of it's eventual demise ? ( I hope and pray that it is not so..)
    Maybe this site could partner with another kindred site,so as to preserve all the materials Alex has so painstakingly assembled for those afflicted.Thanks again Alex for unselfish acts of kindness

  5. Thanks for information. Its really, really good. One problem is that when you feel that you have broken the addiction, then you feel you don't need the ERP and cards and so on. So, its tough to keep going, but this really works.

  6. Thank you to everybody for your comments, they mean a lot to me!

    And to Wife of an addict, my heart goes out to you! I've shared your comment with my future wife, and we share you pain and know exactly what you are going through.

    Please take heart and remember, that there is a way out. It will not be quick, and it will not be painless. But I believe that both of you are going to walk out on the other side much happier than you were before.

    There are some great resource both on this site, and on many other good sites around the internet as well as in the real world. Make sure to use them. And remember, our society was poisoned by the new technology, and most of us had no idea of the effect that it could've had on our live. But now when the denial is broken the true healing may begin.

    May God bless you!

  7. This is an excellent course to deal with a very real conflict that goes on in a lot of men. I highly recommend it.

  8. Alex, honestly I had your complete "recovery course" downloaded the pdf, before you started emailing me regular lessons. I just let it go not completely knowing where you would take it with the emails. I didn't thoroughly read every word, or do all of the exercises, but like you said "take what works for you" and leave the rest. Well every little bit of input is helpful, your course is free, and you seemed sincere. I like your course and the information and links that you added. I think it is valuable, and would recommend it to anyone struggling for recovery. I believe you have some very good and effective material. I have seen the Candeo course before, and may yet consider it. I am evolving in my own perceptions and actions. I thought your experience with 12 Steps was interesting, but I don't see that happening for me. I have some very stable and reliable resources that I utilize regularly. I think you have done people a good service with your recovery course download. Like I said, I downloaded it before you started emailing me. I think if someone is to get the emails too it could reinforce the course, and is a several week reminder to stay engaged. Hope this helps. Thanks.

  9. Alex,

    I am the wife of a recovering addict. I have only known about his addiction for five days now. My first reaction to this discovery was immediate feelings of anger, jealousy, complete shock,a certain disgust towards him but mostly myself, and the feeling of embarrassment. I have heard about people having addictions to pornography, but I never felt that I had any reason to research this topic. To tell you the truth, I actually thought that people couldn't be addicted to pornography. Immediately, he told me that I do "satisfy" him, that he felt really dirty after he watched the material, he also said that when he does it he actually feels like he is not there (like he becomes someone else until he is done, and then reality hits him). This information, to me, seemed impossible. I couldn't understand how you can be disgusted by something and be aroused to the point of obsessive masturbation all at the same time. My husband and I have only been married for 8 months. I am 26 years old, and he is 25 years old. Ever since we met, we have had an extremely GREAT relationship. I mean that whole heartedly. We never argue, we never fight, basically we have the type of relationship that just seems "too good to be true".

  10. So, when I discovered this addiction it hit me like a ton of bricks. In this past five days, I have only slept about 3-5 hr's in each 24 hr period. I spent a great deal of that time researching his web history. At this point, my trust in him was completely gone. He lied to me about the amount of pornography he watched, he lied to me by saying most of the time he didn't masturbate to it, instead he would just be aroused by it, even after admitting that he was addicted. When I confronted him about these new, unnecessary lies he finally started to confide in me. But,I found myself constantly assessing our future, wondering if I should be selfish and take "the easy way out" since I am not the one with the addiction. Luckily, last night I was feeling so overwhelmed and curious that I googled the words " How to know if my husband is addicted to pornography". I was stunned by all of the links that came up. I have read so many different articles about the facts, opinions, and how to help him. Now I know that he is telling me the truth, and how serious and common this addiction is. I stumbled upon your story, and for the past 4 hours I have been reading every single word of your experience. It has helped me identify his addiction,and prepare myself for the possible situations that may occur on his road to recovery. I am so much more confident in my ability to be really helpful to him, and to get the feelings of jealousy and anger towards him completely out of my system. Thank you so much for sharing your story. I would definitely suggest this site to each and every spouse of an addict. I think that it is just as important for the spouse to be educated on this addiction, as it is for the one who is addicted to read and gain more knowledge on how to overcome his addiction. I am bookmarking your site for my husband because I know this will help him now and in the future. Thank you so very much!

    • hi. I understand how you feel. Here is what I have done to stop this. 1) prosaic. Prosaic has helped me replace my addition. 2) fasting. I fast 24 hours or more once a week. I was surprised that this worked. The weaker the body the stronger the spirit. 3) exercise. Daily run or brisk walk in the morning or evening with your spouse. 4) Go to bed. dont stay up late and keep the computer off. 5) focus. focus on your family and friends. 6) breathe deeply when you feel and urge. Lastly, I have been free from this addition for about 60 days and I feel calm and happy and I am not a slave

  11. Thank you for the help. You got me started on the road to recovery. knowing I am not alone in itself is so helpful and comforting. Thanks Alex! I say that every day.

  12. Thanks you so much for making this site and proving the information for free. It has changed my life.

  13. This site is a miracle, I so appreciative for what you are doing here Alex. I am starting immediately!

  14. Thanks for this.. I don't know if any of it will work but it's cool that there are people out there that are trying to help other people with this kind of thing.

  15. Kind and effective. What else can I say?.. Definitely KIND.

  16. I would just like to say that the emails from Alex have been so helpful to me well that is an understatement as I didnt know which way to turn,reading them made me not want stop and wait for the next day but it was a great way as it gave me time to take it all in ready for the next time the excersises help and it has kickstratedme in to looking at other areas.Also the personal feel of the email was good it made me feel like it was friend helping me and not a total stranger.For Alex to do this after what he was going through was so thoughtful and to turn it round and help others just shows what a kind person Alex is,Iwill carry on this good work as I need to and its the best way to show my thanks

  17. Dear Alex,

    Thank you very much for the course. Having it parceled out over time helped me to digest the material. Actually, I am still in a process of digesting it, and I will go back over your e-mails again. There is no harm at making the info. contained in the e-mails immediately available on your website as long as people still take the course. You may want to keep a strong suggestion for the "parceled-out" course format.

    Recommendations for Improvement:

    Each mailing had a few minor grammatical errors. These errors did not take away from the course content. But having them corrected would help your course look professional. In the context of the delicate issue of addiction, it is important to have the full trust of your audience.

    Your motivational statements for ERP could be improved. Many of your "30 Reasons to stay sober" were very helpful for me. But some of them are just downright negative. E.g. #24 "If I continue to use, I will loose everything." #27 Remember the look on my girlfriend's face when I used…" I once heard someone say at an SA meeting that "scare tactics" never work. My experience is that it is important to constantly stay focused on the positive. Telling addicts the bad consequences never works. The only hope it to point out the beautiful possibilities of recovery.

    How do you feel about having to repeat "I am an addict" over and over again at 12 step meetings? This seems to me to be bad programing for my subconscious mind. I personally think that there should be better way to get humble and open to the help of God and others.


    I am extremely grateful for the work that you have done. Your course material was beneficial to me and it will continue to be so in the future.

    St. Louis, MO

    • It is good to be positive but unfortunately the negative ones :’u listed are the truth. They were not intended to cause a negative reaction I’m sure. Sometimes hearing that you could loose your entire family makes a person realize how big of an addiction this is. It took my husband hearing he was about to loose me to realize that he had an addiction. Not all people respond the same to negative.

  18. Alex thank you so much for your help I'm grateful that God led me to your site, I found the course extremely helpful and I think it would be good idea to post the info on your site, may God bless you and help you as you continue to bless and help others =).

  19. u're a very kind person

  20. thank u so much

  21. hi..i am 18 years old male and i have been masturbating since i was 11.. and all this time i have been watching porn..and when i tried to stop masturbating i stop for a week then i go back even worse…also i cant get a girlfriend (i dont mean i cant what i mean is even i have a girlfriend i will not be able to have sex with her because i live in eastern community so i have Religious and legal obligations that prevents me doing that) and i will not be able to get married for at least 6 years…. and i am also a competitive swimmer and i think it affects my performance badly…and i have read on your home page that you dont recommend this recovery programe for single people….anyway i wil be so greatful if you gave me a piece of advice to act the right thing….



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