Free Recovery Course for Porn Addiction and Sex Addiction

Welcome to the recovery course.

Watch this video to learn more about Feed The Right Wolf and then download your FREE recovery course.

Please note

Educating yourself is very important, but it is the actions that you take that will set you free. If you are ready to change your life I recommend the following 3 action steps:

  1. Read through every article in the recovery course.
  2. Sign up for accountability software. I recommend Covenant Eyes at $10 a month, but if you can’t afford it at this time, K9 filter could work for you.
  3. Sign up for a group or one-one one sessions with one of our coaches or this powerful online program that I highly recommend. Call (916)259-3827 to learn more (I know Coaches Craig and Michelle Perra personally – they do amazing work, save families, and change lives).
    If you can’t afford this investment, substitute it with attending Sex Addicts Anonymous meetings either in person or over the phone. (12 step program is not perfect, but it does provide a much needed live support environment.)

Here are the first few articles and a list of topics that the course will cover.

If you would rather not share your email, you can donate any amount and get a link to download the PDF version of the course.

Understanding Porn Addiction

  1. 5 Brain Chemicals in Healthy Sexual Act and How it is Different from Pornography Addiction
  2. Pornography Addiction Cycle
  3. How the Human Brain Works
  4. Triggers of the Reptilian Brain
  5. The Emotional Brain

Practical Steps to Break Porn Addiction

  1. Simple Practices to Get Your Brain Back
  2. Creating Your Sexual Recovery Plan
  3. The Best Thing You Can Do Today For Your Sexual Recovery
  4. How to use ERP Properly to Change Your Emotional Brain for Good
  5. A-B-C-D-E Model that is Guaranteed to Change Your Life

Creating the Big Picture Vision

  1. An Important Strategy to Help You Break Free
  2. 7 Beliefs That Kept Me Trapped
  3. How to Handle Triggers or Mini – ERP
  4. What Does a Trigger Tell Us?
  5. What Do You Want from Life? A Very Important Exercise

Relapse Prevention

  1. My Relapse, and What I Learned From It – Part1
  2. My Relapse, and What I Learned From It – Part 2
  3. What is Wrong with 12 Steps Groups, What is Right with 12 Steps Groups
  4. 12 Steps Meetings – What Are They Like?
  5. God’s Will for You, or Awaken Your Stronger Self
  6. Filtering Software – A Tough But Important Decision
  7. The Emptiness Inside of Me, and How to Fill It Up
  8. Thank You for Your Time! Course Summary Inside

Call (916)259-3827 For Professional Help

P.S. Recommended Resources:

  • Sex Addicts Anonymous
    I cannot imagine my recovery without this program.
  • Mindful Habit Course by Coach Craig
    Great advice from a great person.
  • Free Podcast and Mini Course from Candeo Can
    I owe my first 90 days of continuous sobriety to this program and highly recommend it.
  • Internet Accountability Software
    Using this software allowed me to get truly honest with my internet usage for the first time in my life. For some reason knowing that my every step was being observed and reported on, made it really easy to use internet only in a healthy way.
  • Treating Pornography Addiction by Kevin B. Skinner Ph.D.
    I have read over 15 books on Pornography and Sexual addiction and this truly is one of the best books on the subject. The reason is I recommend this particular book is because it is full of excellent actionable steps. Other books do a good job describing the problem, but don’t really offer a realistic solution.
  • Your Sexually Addicted Spouse – How Partners Can Cope and Heal by Barbara Steffens Ph.D.
    I know that about half of visitors to our site are spouses of people who might be suffering with pornography and sex addiction. To the best of my knowledge this book is one of the most helpful books for the partners.
  • Free Consultation from Coach Craig
    Coach Craig has been a good friend and supporter of this site since January 2013. He has worked with people from all over the world, including famous musicians and other high profile individuals. Yet, he is only a phone call away and would be glad to give you a free consultation. Call him anytime, with any question you might have, and I am know he will be extremely happy to help in any way he can.

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  1. Siya says

    May God bless you Alex for this wonderful initiative, I pray and believe through him I’ve been introduced to this website as my salvation. From now on I shall break these chains of pornography and sexual addiction that have enslaved me for so long in my life. I can do all things through my Lord Jesus Christ who strengethens me.

    • Addict? says

      i’m 12, got hooked in 6th, started maturbating in 4th. I maturbate to porn twice a day and go the other 6 months without even thinking of girls let alone porn. I’m addicted to the power high I get from it and allthough I have urges to watch it I just saddle up WOW or COD or even Fabel III and I feel great. I think you people just need to go without private internet for a few months. NOTE your ps3 or xbox360 have internet and you can watch porn on them so instead of getting rid of your computer cancel your internet with cox or whatever entirely. PS HBOzone has “real sex” which is porn to so go ahead and cancel HBO to.

  2. Bryan says

    So I have been sober for about two to three weeks but lost the motivation and encouragement to read the emails and do the exercise this is the first time I have been on this site for weeks please can I have advise on how to get inspired again

  3. Leko says

    I started looking at softcore porn when is was around 11, however I didn’t masturbate or anything, I just stared at the computer screen I was supposed to be using to do homework. 2 years later I started looking at the hardcore stuff, always for “big tits” on google and masturbating to it. now my brain has linked pleasure to porn and the unrealistic visuals it depicts. But today 14 June 2012 I declare the beginning of the end of my pornography imprisonment. Now I’m going to read these articles!

  4. David says

    im an addict, i very much need help. If not i will loose my relationship with my wife and kids, so all is depended on me finding the help i need to keep my wife and kids. Please email me. Thank you.

  5. Finding Hope says

    After reading all the posts, I am hopeful that my husband of 10 years (we’ve been together 13) can maybe someday realize that he has an addiction. All the other sites I’ve looked up primarily focus of him admitting he has a problem. Well he won’t do that, but again, after reading your posts maybe someday he will. If you know of a way without starting an argument (we’ve done that too many times to count) to get him to do this even faster… that would be great. Just tied a knot and holding on at the end of my rope.

  6. Noah says

    Hey I’m Noah I’ve been on and off with porn for 4 years I use to think that it was cool from movies and I thought that since everyone in school were talking about having sex. It’s been very hard I just want it to stop before I go into a relationship because I feel that it really kills relationships and recks your mind. I’ve been deceived by movies and music this is a real addiction and I’m going to fight it!! I’m going to kill my addiction before it hurts my future. I’m starting my sobering up from it. God has blessed me a lot and I will find everyway to fight this! LIVESTRONG!

    • Nick says

      I’m 26, married and have two children. I’ve been an addict since I was about 9 or 10 years old. I have tried stopping on my own, seeking out help from others and even removing myself from access to the computer/television/smartphone. Nothing has worked well and I am threatened now with losing my wife and children to this demon. I pray that I can kill this addiction and begin to rekindle my wife’s love and trust in me.

      Please Lord, help me.

  7. Hopeful says

    It has been 3 weeks and I have not watched porn. I found this site to be very helpful. Just realizing that there were others in my situation brought hope. I am also a recovering alcohol and drug addict, so I was very familiar with addiction and the process of recovery. For some reason, I was not able to believe of myself with a porn addiction problem that was uncontrollable but now I feel differently and am taking the steps necessary to stop all pornography.

    Maybe not everyone will take this course but after lots of reading on masturbation, I have decided not to masturbate at all. So far, since making this decision I have not masturbated once. I have found a new high – a new excitement and that is the control of myself. This control is similar to the excitement that ejaculation has given me since I was a young boy at the age of 8 when I first remember masturbating.

    Over 20 years ago: In the military we watched porn everyday and it was the only movies that were shown on the TV, so ate 18 years old I was doomed to believe that pornography was a perfectly acceptable form of entertainment. Not raised very religiously, I had no problem believing that porn was acceptable when I was introduced to it. My ex-wife allowed me to masturbate to porn movies so I did a lot of it.

    In my second marriage, my new wife didn’t tolerate pornography and got very jealous so I did it in private. This led to me wanting more and more of it until I did this all the time, sometimes all day and all night. It also led me to voyeurism which made me shameful of myself.

    I am now hopeful that I can get my life under control and keep pornography and masturbation completely out of my life. So far, so good.

    I have read that if you have thoughts of watching porn that you slowly breathe 10 seconds in, hold for 10 seconds, and slowly release the breath for 10 seconds. After doing this cycle 10 times your body relaxes and helps you gain control of your actions. In addition you can hum this after you do the breathing exercise “VUMM” (actually spelled as VAM). I have tried this and it actually works.

    One more note: In my reading about this, I learned all the negative aspects of masturbation which convinced me that even after nearly 35 years of masturbating about once a day, I could still stop. I have stopped which actually leaves me with an incredible honor and a feeling of euphoria which I have never experienced. Without having a hard-on my cock and balls feel excited all day which for some reason makes me proud and very assure of myself for the first time in my life.

    I wish the best for all of you.

  8. Kishore says

    I really doubted my self of going to an extreme to become a porn actor but ALEX is so great .
    Now i have a tidy face and somebody to talk .
    Thankyou so much ALEX ……

  9. Anonymous17 says

    Also, just a tip for you others out there it helps a lot to ask God to: “Grant you the strength to resist porn” when you pray. I do and it works wonders. You just have to NOT miss asking once or else you have a high chance of losing control. I forgot to pray about it during my earlier bedtime prayer and guess what happened? I hit a hentai site.:( (I’m sooooo thankful that it wasn’t anything worse). Once again, thanks Alex! 😉

  10. Anonymous17 says

    Thanks for creating this website, its helped me so much. I’ve had a pretty dark semi-porn addiction (I say semi because I didn’t watch porn super often, but it was there) I had just finished a long porn stint when I decided “Thats it! I NEED TO STOP” so read your articles and they’ve been a tremendous help. Thanks for taking the time and effort to make this website. :)

  11. Anonymous says

    Thanks and God bless you.I want to say your heaven sent because this is an issue most people would rather not talk about. But with people like you be sure there are going to be generations to come who would benefit from your story and experience and live a healthy sex life with no fear of damnation.

  12. YourKiddingRight says

    You are actually pushing the Science Fiction myth of Evolution to overcome porn addiction?

    What a joke.

  13. Thanks says

    I am so thankful for this site. I can’t believe how god has used this site to help me. I have been doing the “breathing” thing every time I feel tempted and I can’t believe how it works. After 30 seconds I’m back into reality. I will donate as soon as I can, Im really thankful. Thanks!

  14. Riley says

    Thank you for leading me to this site!
    I stated watching pornography when I was 9
    and I have decided to stop, over 3 years later.
    Thank you and I hope this will help me.

  15. AKid says

    My addiction started in May of 2011 when I was 11 when I caught my brother masterbating, I got curious, following my curiosity came addiction. I am now taking this corse, because i don’t like this lifestyle and need to stop, this program helped me so much, I’m now 2 weeks sober. Thank you so much, GOD BLESS YOU!

  16. Andrew says

    So im 3 weeks sobor or so my wife just woke me up cause I was sayinh my exes name and started to masterbating now my wife is wanting to leave me I dont know what to do I have been doing reslly good any ideas anyone im lost don’t know what to say I dont remember the dream just waking up and my hand on you know what and to a beryl pissed off wife

    • Alex says

      Sorry to hear that, but unfortunately things like that happen in early recovery. There is really not much you can do to avoid them, but it will not be like that forever, it will just take some time.

      I would recommend talking to your wife, letting her know that this was 100% subconscious, and that it is the consequences of mistakes that you’ve made in the past. But you are doing the right things now, and things will improve. It might not happen as fast as you would want it to, but things will improve. Let her know that she is the only one for you and that you are truly sorry for all the pain that you have caused and unwillingly continue to cause through your addiction.


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