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Welcome to the recovery course.

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Please note

Educating yourself is very important, but it is the actions that you take that will set you free. If you are ready to change your life I recommend the following 3 action steps:

  1. Read through every article in the recovery course.
  2. Sign up for accountability software. I recommend Covenant Eyes at $10 a month, but if you can’t afford it at this time, K9 filter could work for you.
  3. Sign up for a group or one-one one sessions with one of our coaches or this powerful online program that I highly recommend. Call (916)259-3827 to learn more (I know Coaches Craig and Michelle Perra personally – they do amazing work, save families, and change lives).
    If you can’t afford this investment, substitute it with attending Sex Addicts Anonymous meetings either in person or over the phone. (12 step program is not perfect, but it does provide a much needed live support environment.)

Here are the first few articles and a list of topics that the course will cover.

If you would rather not share your email, you can donate any amount and get a link to download the PDF version of the course.

Understanding Porn Addiction

  1. 5 Brain Chemicals in Healthy Sexual Act and How it is Different from Pornography Addiction
  2. Pornography Addiction Cycle
  3. How the Human Brain Works
  4. Triggers of the Reptilian Brain
  5. The Emotional Brain

Practical Steps to Break Porn Addiction

  1. Simple Practices to Get Your Brain Back
  2. Creating Your Sexual Recovery Plan
  3. The Best Thing You Can Do Today For Your Sexual Recovery
  4. How to use ERP Properly to Change Your Emotional Brain for Good
  5. A-B-C-D-E Model that is Guaranteed to Change Your Life

Creating the Big Picture Vision

  1. An Important Strategy to Help You Break Free
  2. 7 Beliefs That Kept Me Trapped
  3. How to Handle Triggers or Mini – ERP
  4. What Does a Trigger Tell Us?
  5. What Do You Want from Life? A Very Important Exercise

Relapse Prevention

  1. My Relapse, and What I Learned From It – Part1
  2. My Relapse, and What I Learned From It – Part 2
  3. What is Wrong with 12 Steps Groups, What is Right with 12 Steps Groups
  4. 12 Steps Meetings – What Are They Like?
  5. God’s Will for You, or Awaken Your Stronger Self
  6. Filtering Software – A Tough But Important Decision
  7. The Emptiness Inside of Me, and How to Fill It Up
  8. Thank You for Your Time! Course Summary Inside

Call (916)259-3827 For Professional Help

P.S. Recommended Resources:

  • Sex Addicts Anonymous
    I cannot imagine my recovery without this program.
  • Mindful Habit Course by Coach Craig
    Great advice from a great person.
  • Free Podcast and Mini Course from Candeo Can
    I owe my first 90 days of continuous sobriety to this program and highly recommend it.
  • Internet Accountability Software
    Using this software allowed me to get truly honest with my internet usage for the first time in my life. For some reason knowing that my every step was being observed and reported on, made it really easy to use internet only in a healthy way.
  • Treating Pornography Addiction by Kevin B. Skinner Ph.D.
    I have read over 15 books on Pornography and Sexual addiction and this truly is one of the best books on the subject. The reason is I recommend this particular book is because it is full of excellent actionable steps. Other books do a good job describing the problem, but don’t really offer a realistic solution.
  • Your Sexually Addicted Spouse – How Partners Can Cope and Heal by Barbara Steffens Ph.D.
    I know that about half of visitors to our site are spouses of people who might be suffering with pornography and sex addiction. To the best of my knowledge this book is one of the most helpful books for the partners.
  • Free Consultation from Coach Craig
    Coach Craig has been a good friend and supporter of this site since January 2013. He has worked with people from all over the world, including famous musicians and other high profile individuals. Yet, he is only a phone call away and would be glad to give you a free consultation. Call him anytime, with any question you might have, and I am know he will be extremely happy to help in any way he can.

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  1. 23 yrs old says

    hello everyone, i was trying to give up porn frm years. As i have started feeling weakness in my body and look things more negatively. every time i think of porn only. i am engaged, i started showing her too, i know she doesnt like ths stuff, but when porn comes to my mind i dont knw wat happens to me and i start reacting such a fool. i have sad many stupid things about sex to her, which i never wanted to say. now as i have gone through this website i promise myself that i will not c any porn thing. and i pray to god, give me strength. i want my future to be good. and it will happen only when i walk away frm porn. who d fuck created this porn things. sorry for my words but i m very angry for myself today. i have created a big problem for myself. and really fed up of this porn. i m sorry god you know i didnt meant but i did sm very bad things which i dnt want ever. once i tried to rape a small girl and she is in my close relationship, i dnt know when she will get to her 20’s what will she think of me… i m sorry to her sry for my behaviour.. i am writing this bcoz i m feeling bad today for her. please god 4give me and give me power to walk through this problem. ameen.

  2. John says

    14 days clean I know I have a long way to go. God, this website and the support of the people on here have helped immensly. Thank you so much.

  3. Abused. Addicted. Ashamed. says

    I am a 19 year old woman. When I was 5 I was molested by two different cousins. Going to Grade 1, me and my friends started playing “House”. A game in which we act out sexual scenes that we see on tv. I usually played the husband because I gained 20 kilos. From then on everything went downhill. I started molesting my younger brother, but at that age I didnt realise what I was doing. At age 12 I was exposed to a porn website. I have been visiting that spesific site ever since. Not knowing all the doors I’ve been opening. As you all know, there is a stage where soft porn isnt enough and you start seeking harder stuff. The day I realised I had a problem was the day I gave my heart to God, two years ago. For a year I was on a high and didnt need porn. But this year Satan started tormenting me again. Giving me lustful dreams and making me feel guilty for not praying that God shouldve protected my dreams. Its been extremely difficult this past 3 months. I feel like a backslider. I hit an all time low when today, I watched porn that involed sex with animals… I feel… broken. I feel… ashamed. Unworthy. Guilty. GROSS… I feel like I dont deserve God’s forgiveness because I made the choice to watch again.

    • Anonymous says

      Hi John,

      I’m glad for you and I will pray for you.

      Just trust in God and ask him to help you, don’t trust on your own will or power because I have tried it, and didn’t managed to stay clean. Just pray to God every time that lust thoughts come to your mind.

      Have a little encourgement verse:

      “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.” (Philippians 4:13)

      May God bless you!

  4. John says

    Biggest challenge so far. I was home alone for 3 hours today. Every time I walked by the computer I gave it the finger! I’m feeling better about myself every day. 7 days free!!!!!

  5. J says

    I’ll try, i’ll try and use this to help. I don’t even feel capable though, defeated before starting. I’ve spent just under £900 this week on pornography, i have an addiction to live sex shows and cam sessions, i’m topping up sometimes up to £175 a go, and then using that in the space of one day. I’m in debt, i’m searching around for loans, i’ve put my car up for sale to help fund money. It’s so bad that i’m unemployed because of it and i’m not on the Dole either because i never leave my home, i spend all day watching porn. I’m up to sometimes masturbating a half dozen times a day. I go to bed around 11am. My sleep patterns destroyed. I need my life. But i can’t stop. Every time i try to come off i find another girl that i want to see a show from. I don’t want to borrow money from people, but i know it’s only a matter of time before i start.

    • John says


      Please take the time to read about this program. I was in a very similar situation. I read the articles, made a program, and unbelievably am on my way. You can do it. Pray Pray pray

  6. john says

    4 days clean and counting. I know that it is an inanimate object but I really am learning to despise my computer for the previous temptation to trigger my weaknesses. I feel clean and good about myself for a change. Thanks to this online program I feel like I am on my way. God, please don’t let there be any bumps in the way. I Love my wife and kids and NEVER want to expose myself to this crap again. God Bless.

    • DC says

      John: I just wanted to wish you the best of luck. God be with you on this journey. Lord knows how awful and consuming of a sin this is.

      • John says

        Onward to step 11! This program at this point has made me do a complete 360 degree turn around. 6 days porn free! Church going now. Complete family man. I hope I can keep it up!

        • DC says

          Keep it up brother! You may stumble, but the important thing is to keep picking yourself up and be steadfast in your battle!

  7. john says

    2 days porn free!!!!!! Can somebody help me with this question? Is watching a rated R movie with nudity/sex in it considered porn? I’m guessing not. Anyway, thanks to this site I finally feel clean and good about myself.

    • Ted says

      Before the internet came I had overcome porn and allowed myself to watch R rated movies, but did not allow myself to rewind.

  8. teen says

    i have the same problem!! A porn addict is nothing to be proud of… but sometimes it feels like you wont stop but i believe i can!!!

  9. DeterminedToChange says

    It’s been 13 years of struggle, characterized by resolutions to change and subsequent relapses. The first time that I tried the stuff on this site, I lacked the discipline to pull through. But the prospects of remaining addicted are scary. Pray for me, as I begin recovery again with grim resolve.

  10. young kid says

    Hey I’m 15 and I’ve been watching porn and have been watching porn since I was 10 and I never thought it was a problem until I just wanted it to be over but I say that and a day later I do it again, I feel stupid and I’m don’t wanna tell anyone about it exepte for my gf who I’ve been dating for 14 months but I don’t want her to feel that she is ugly I just need to stop this Babbit

  11. Anon says

    Hi just started reading, i downloaded ur pdf file. Just want to point something out, on the third page when explaining the chemicals that are released with climax it mentions serotonin. It then mentions prozac which increases serotonin. Wtf. Prozac contains flouride which is rat poison, first introduced in ww2 givin to the jews in their water to keep them docile and complacent. Which if u read the definition of serotonin ull see the connection. So im confused why u included prozac.

  12. 2Scared2Talk says

    hopefully this will help and i can stop pushing my family away because of it.
    7 years is enough.

  13. one of the addicts says

    guys this things are killing us inside little by little the more we are addicted the more its killin us ave cme across this site through google search jst lyk sme of u here, in searchin of a break through and am possitive n sure this iz where i say its over n i mean it guys i knew am not allone bt guys let us not let God depart our presence coz of this stupid act its thi devil @ inspired wit the adivices on this page tunx guys n big tunx 2 di publisher i quit… Frm now own am an ex-porn addict believe me…

  14. Luvo says

    Hi. My name is Luvo and im 16 yrz old. Im controlled by pornography, i dont know how to stop it. I am still a young teenager and have a bright future ahead but it seems like im painting dark with pornography always in my mind. If therez anyone out there please help me!!

  15. good guy says

    I can’t believe just how strong porn addiction can be. I consider myself a good guy. I come from a good family, but I’ve always been really shy, so forming relationships is difficult for me. In my mid 20’s, I’ve never had sex with a girl, so about 3 years ago I started getting curious about the female body. I started watching pictures of naked women, and as internet got faster, video streaming got possible too. Every time I watch porn I feel terrible about it, and promise never to do it again. My self esteem goes way down, but it’s not that easy to stop, and I keep coming back again… I hate myself for that!! I’ve tried everything: I made a list of reasons to stop, I’ve asked God for help, I’ve deleted locally stored material, I’ve cried about it… nothing seems to work. It’s getting really scary over here. Of course, I’ve never told anyone, so I’m on my own on this quest to get my healthy, happy life back. Thank you for creating this website; reading it I see I’m not the only one struggling with this, and I think it can help me! Let’s hope so…

    • kim says

      just like me ever time i decided to stop i stop but i go on it.i will not be easy.i am not fully addicted to it yet.but step by step i will find my way out.because this is messing up my school work.u know my wish is to stop. i will…………….

  16. Nick says

    I’m 26, married and have two children. I’ve been an addict since I was about 9 or 10 years old. I have tried stopping on my own, seeking out help from others and even removing myself from access to the computer/television/smartphone. Nothing has worked well and I am threatened now with losing my wife and children to this demon. I pray that I can kill this addiction and begin to rekindle my wife’s love and trust in me.

    Please Lord, help me.

    • D says

      i think its great you at least want to change. pray on it and seek out others’ support and dont give up.

    • Sick of being Sick says

      I am in exactly the same situation, I’m also 26 and have been addicted from around 10 years old. I have tried to stop for years on end and recently it is getting worse. I’m starting to look at some dark things and want to stop. Best I can do at the moment is about 2 or 3 days but then I’m back at it for hours on end. I just want it to stop!

      • Ready 2 be FREE says

        I know exactly how you feel. Im 24, and I been watching porn since 13. Im a virgin for religous and moral beliefs so in an effort to combat these feelings I watch porn. But it has escalated just as yours. (but maybe not as bad idk). It actually got so bad that now I am looking to gay porn to give me the uncomfortable sexual feeling so i can feed off of it and masturbate. Im not gay but it is the current tabboo in my life. I could easily take 3 hours to feed this addiction. I dont like the fact that I cant live a life of confidence and freedom from fear of going further with these sexual exploits. I want to walk away. I want to be free. I pray that these techniques on this website helps me as well. Im ready to try, and break free.

        • kim says


  17. chase says

    hello im 15 and ive bine clean not for a long time but recently i have looked back on what i have done and i think to my self “what is wrong with you?” i began getting into some fetish stuff and i also started viewing gorey websites and some messed up stuff i turned into a monster i just want to start over and be a normal teenager again

  18. yo says

    It saddens me to see how much of the youth including me is hooked onto pornography. I started viewing porn when I was 14 and now I am 16. I hope this is the end of my addiction.

    • Hi says

      Ive bine addicted since i was 9or10 its completely over run my life for a time i was sober but recently ive bine viewing crazier stuff today i declare that im on the road to a porn free life!


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