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This Secret Facebook Group Is:


This Group is “SECRET” so your friends won’t know you’re in it.


We’ve all been there so we know what you’re going through.

Action Oriented

No pity parties here – this group is about ACTION and moving forward.


There is no charge for people who want to change their lives.

Who Is This Secret Facebook Group For?

Our Free Partners Support Group is changing lives. You will not be labeled here. But you will be empowered to take control of your happiness and get practical advice on how to navigate the minefield of discovery, disclosure, and moving forward in a powerful way from people who’ve been there. You will learn how to use this crisis to discover your deeper self and be empowered to create happiness in your life independent of the circumstances life has thrown at you.

I’m sorry that you are here… and I’m honored. I’ve felt for the longest time that a gaping hole existed in the Partner support community. Either you’re co-dependent or you have a disease. I’ve found in working with hundreds of partners all over the world that you want teachings, tools, and techniques… a path that will help you heal from the profound betrayal inflicted upon you by you’re partner. I’m glad you’re here.

* Please give my support team 24 hours to add you to the secret Facebook Support Group as it is a manual process. 

Craig Perra, J.D., C.P.C., C.M.H.C.

Certified Professional Coach, Founder, The Mindful Habit Method

Although I am not happy that you are suffering, I am happy that you found us. From personal experience, I know that your pain on this path can be the catalyst that transforms your life into a life unencumbered by passivity, chronic negativity, and self loathing. I too have walked this path with you, and I can tell you that once I was ready for a proactive stance in my life, The Mindful habit system combined with my work with Craig Perra, changed everything. I am now dedicated to sharing my experiences and The Mindful Habit System with partners everywhere. I want to support you in learning to make your suffering work for you… to produce healing and confidence. I’d love to meet you in the group.

Tara Eash, C.M.H.C.

Partner Empowerment Coach

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  • It’s secret so your friends won’t know you’re in it
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  • Stop talking about taking action and take action
  • Moderated by Coach Tara Eash and Coach Adrian Sztobryn
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