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But you don’t have to give money , you can donate your time instead. Bellow you will find some detailed suggestions on how you can help. In summary it all comes down to getting the word out and helping other users on this site.

1. Share Our Recovery Course with Others

You can point them to the free recovery course posted on this site.

Of, if you don’t already have a PDF version of our Free Recovery Course, make sure to get it now.[buy_ebook]

Not only do you have my permission to share this course with others, I asked you to do so! Given that you will not charge money for it, and will not modify any of the original content 🙂

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3. Participate on This Site as Much as You Can

Spreading the word is important, but it becomes pointless unless we keep this community well and alive.

Any for of participation is extremely important. Some of the ways that you can get involved are:

  • Making comment on blog posts that you found helpful
  • Responding to comments made by others
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Every little bit counts! you don’t have to do any of this! But if you found this site helpful and want to help back a little these are just some of the ways that you can do so.

Thank you,


  1. Shashanka

    I can not thank you enough perhaps your too good to be sharing it for free.I have known what i should and will take control of my life NOW.Alex may god bless you .And i thank you from the cor3 of my heart.Keep up the good work.

  2. Willy

    This course really changed my life for better now i’m living a good life thanks to Alex for helping me, for you those who are using this course i would recommend them to read each an every email and do as it says you will see that its really helpful.

  3. Darrien

    i think Alex online course will benefit anyone who is going thru sex addition, this course is a great first step. then someone can get into a SAA group in thier area. i am driving an hour to my SAA group, but it is well worth it to have a support group of men/women to help you with your addiction

  4. Grateful

    Thank you for this, I am having trouble month to month with porn addiction, I was introduced around 10 years old and am 30 now, it defined sexuality for me and really, really stunted my sexual growth….luckily I am single right now and want to stop permanently. Your service and honesty really helps and inspires me, I can’t do it alone, unfortunately no meetings in my area, so this will help…A lot, thanks

  5. Ambrose

    Dear Site Owner

    I want to know do you offer guest posts on your website

    Can you please tell me discounted price?

    I will provide you very high quality and 100% unique article.

    Looking for your reply.


  6. Jim

    Alex, I’d like to suggest something to everyone that was the key to my success. K9 filter is a great tool but as long as you have the password it will never work. A lot of people are too embarrassed to give the password to someone else but I found a solution that worked for me. Create a long, impossible to guess password and email it to yourself using It will email the password back to you in the future so you can remove the filter, or not. What I did is set up the filter as best I could, then send my password out for a month (the minimum time unfortunately). This first time period was just to work out kinks in the filter. I found a few things that weren’t blocked and decided to make a few changes. During this time, however, I had stopped the majority of my porn usage. After the month was over, I made the changes I needed and sent it out for two months. This was the only way I could ever stop using porn for longer than a week or two. It’s hard for the first few days but after a few weeks you don’t miss it as bad!

    • Frank

      Very helpful Jim

  7. kristerz

    Hey Alex
    I’m thankfull of finding you’re site I also would like to stop it affects my thinking and socially being outgoing or making contact with a girl because of a guilty feeling. I think I am watching porn from when I was 16 years old now I am 21 a friend of me was the first to let me see a pornagraphic video and I am now beginning to see that it is wrong real wrong and it affects people my greatest concern is i’ve read that the images remain in the long-term memory. I eat healthy drink only water or fruit juice watch almost no tv avoid sugar, meditate from time to time and go excercising again. Does this remain inside for the rest of your life or do they go away after a couple of years? I will check the site reguraly you are very brave to do this I’m from Belgium and I hope I find some support here to stop
    thank you

    • Alex

      Nothing in this life is permanent. Try not to worry too much, just keep doing the good things in your life, take it one day at a time and everything will be okay.

  8. Zak

    Really appreciate the reasons to quit

  9. anonymous

    Very helpful information. Alex is a hero saving many lives. Thanks!

  10. Anoynamous

    Hi, Alex, I am from India. I was in problem and serching for solution, when i seen your website, read, got aware that i was addicted,that was root cause of problems, Thanks because of you I got aware of this problem. Read your course, Wonderfull work done by you. I like how brain react on porn,brain parts.i like 10 sec air intake,hold,exhale. Obiviously you are expert,you invented this,you know this, but just sharing my thought,this 10 sec technique working superbly, its miracle.Thanks a lot once again.. You have done wonderfull Work. God bless you.Regards

  11. Graeme

    Thankyou and god bless 🙂

  12. tanu

    hi alex…….well honestly i also engage in watching the porn stuff……i do feel ashamed. But am unable to control my brain……….my family life is also not normal…being a student i have to focus on my future…..what do i do

  13. Vidal Sisneros

    A good friend from work provided this website and print out of the info. I read it and honestly; I have some big issues with porn. I have even used (on occasion/crystal meth and Amontride) to increase that rush. However, after its all over, I hate myself. I really want to channel this energy into more healthy, positive things in my life. Thanks for reading my message. Happy thoughts!

  14. aki

    dude … lemme earn… gonna donate every month a certain amt … 🙂

  15. Jeffery Ross



    I read your course. All I can say is god bless you. Thank you very much. I’m caught up in porn so bad, I hardy have a life. I need help!!!

    I’m trying hard Alex…maybe just a word from you.
    Email me at

    Thank you

  16. protruding

    Ezin dut orain esan i trully fan bat leialak bihurtu dira!

  17. Michael f

    Hi great site and God bless you.

  18. Sam Ashman

    Thank you so much. You have helped me a bunch and im sorry that I dont have the money now to give you a donation. I wish that I did but I thank you a bunch and once I get a better job, I will donate.

  19. Elio

    can we chat on MSN\Skype?

    if you want to

    Primarily to overcoming a porn addiction, I need to get my thoughts straight – I honestly feel like my life is chaotic and I have no solution, i’ve been pushed over the edge I even tried recording EVP and asking ghosts what should I do ( not sure, but I think the response I got was : GO AWAY!!! , and “WHAT ARE YOU DOING ON FACEBOOK?? GET OUT OF FACEBOOK!!! GET OUT OF FACEBOOK!!”
    Wouldn’t expect a ghost to say a thing like that, interesting..
    anyway, I have a couple of addictions
    Porn and.. cigarettes – It is killing me, I can’t stop, and don’t want to either , well I do because otherwise i’ll kill myself.
    but I’m trying to figure out if a person can be productive, efficient, and have positive feelings if he never leaves the house ( sort of like being in prison when you don’t have the chance to enjoy the world or society ) – i’m not considering other options because my situation is unique.
    It was a good idea to post about stuff that trigger negative emotions – the media can be provoking in some cases – just think of a person who was wrongly accused of murder – and if he’s a celebrity, they are used to “celebrate” – I just want an approach, an idea, how to overcome situations resembling the ones ive mentioned – if a person is being inflicted with psychological damage by his enviroment – what should he do to survive it? any thoughts?

    • FeedTheRightWolf

      Hi Elio,

      I removed your personal contact information to protect your identity. You said you were in Israel? I am not sure if you are aware of it but there is a strong presence of Sexaholics Anonymous in Israel. You can visit the following links to learn more: .

      Also since you seem to be fluent in English, I highly recommend calling into one of the phone meetings at Sex Addicts Anonymous. The meetings that I’ve attended usually had 1 or 2 people calling in from Israel. They also have skype meetings. You can find a list of meetings here:

      Last but not least there is a Jewish online community of people recovery from porn addiction called Guard Your Eyes you might find it helpful as well.

      Thanks for reaching out to me, and please let me know if there is anything else I can do to help.

    • sterling

      Here is what I have done to stop this. 1) prosaic. Prosaic has helped me replace my addition. 2) fasting. I fast 24 hours or more once a week. I was surprised that this worked. The weaker the body the stronger the spirit. 3) exercise. Daily run or brisk walk in the morning or evening with your spouse. 4) Go to bed. dont stay up late and keep the computer off. 5) focus. focus on your family and friends. 6) breathe deeply when you feel and urge. Lastly, I have been free from this addition for about 60 days and I feel calm and happy and I am not a slave

  20. Elio

    hi Alex!

    I am from Israel and I am really fond of your website, it could be a tremendous help for me – I’m reading the free course and I want to assemble a list as you said

    I want to translate this site in hebrew, or at least deliver some ideas on this website and transform them in a language people in my enviroment would understand

    thanks alot, and you are very much blessed because of your spectacular idea of a website like this

    • admin

      Thank you for your kind words. If you are serious about the translation I think it would help a lot of people. Some of our readers already began to translate this site into Polish. I would be really happy to see people all over the world having a free solution to porn addiction.

      • Mark

        Hi Alex. I am from Indonesia. Many people here don’t know any English, but sure there millions of search for the word “masturbate” (in Indonesian), that reflects how many people suffer from pornography addiction. I’d like to translate your site to Indonesian if you let me. I’ll put a link of donation to your paypal to support the original site.

        • FeedTheRightWolf

          Hi Mark,

          You have my permission. Than you for your offer to help, I am sure thousands of people will find it helpful!



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