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Times have changed…

20 years ago a person had to go into a shady part of town, and risk getting seen by others, as they entered an adult bookstore, in order to get pornography.

10 years ago, the internet made it possible for people to access pornography online. And while that experience was easy and anonymous, slow internet speeds limited the exposure.

Today, there are no barriers. There is unlimited amount of free pornography online. Internet connections are blazing fast. And even what seems to be an innocent link, could instantly take you or your child to a pornography website.

I recommend Covenant Eyes – Internet Accountability and Filtering Software as the first line of defence for you and your family.

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How it Works

Covenant Eyes allows users to add accountability partners who will receive regular reports detailing their internet usage. It is the most effective tool that I know of to help people stay accountable with their internet usage.

Additionally, Covenant Eyes provides a content filtering option, which is ideal for households with children.

Installing Covenant Eyes takes the hard work out internat accountability. It feels as if some magic instantly transformed internet in a safe and family friendly place.

Try Covenant Eyes Free for 30 Days

Rebuilding Trust in Marriage After Pornography

Additional benefit of Covenant Eyes is that it removes secrets and guess work out of the internet accountability, allowing room for new levels of trust to develop.

If you can do one thing to help yourself and your family, I would suggest signing up for Covenant Eyes.

For the cost of less than two cups of coffee a month you can get true peace of mind.

Try Covenant Eyes Free for 30 Days


  1. Dina

    How does this program work for Ipods? My husband has admitted to watching porn on the computer and our ipod

  2. ma

    how can i get the free 30 day trial for covenant eyes filter software?

  3. ma

    how can i get the free 30 day trial for covenant eyes filter?


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