Hi, my name is Craig Perra and I want to set you free from sex addiction and porn addiction – and other compulsive behaviors. It’s my gift. My mission is to break you free from the shackles of mental slavery – the same one’s that kept me captive for so long. Welcome to Feed The Right Wolf: a non-12 Step evolution of the disease based model of addiction.


Here is my team, three brilliant people that I fully trust to lead You towards sexual freedom and enormous growth in life.


Minimalist, poet, meditator, former porn & sex addict. As a head accountability coach of the mindful habit program, I will make sure none of your goals is left untracked or undone. On my calls we often get to the bottom of things, so be prepared my friend, stay focused, talk to the point – and let me navigate you through this process.


Manager of the TMH Partner Empower- ment Group, and life coach to individuals struggling with addiction or the addiction of a partner, feels her calling is to help you find the life you truly desire. She has the unique perspective of partner to a former porn addict, and a person who has struggled with addiction herself, yet has claimed life changing results through TMH system, and she is committed to helping you claim those results as well in each Tuesday coaching call!


I lead a movement of men committed to taking the necessary actions required for a RADICAL growth change in their lifestyles by breaking destructive, compulsive addictions; creating passionate, healthy habits; and empowering them with the mindset to sustain permanent change!

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