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Professional Support to Drive Change

Bad habits and addictions are very hard to break on your own. When bad habits crush your self esteem and affect your family and relationships then you must take ACTION to break them. Our SEX is incredibly powerful and when it’s out of control with porn and sex addiction many people need help to break free. This is where coaching comes in.

Remember when you were a kid and learned new skills. When you performed your best you likely had someone pushing you to overcome a challenge. You may have had someone who taught you how to use tools and strategies to accomplish your goal. You probably sought advice from someone who already climbed that mountain, someone with experience in the exact skill you needed to learn.


Breaking your addiction to pornography is no different.  Somewhere along the way you learned bad habits and you need professional coaching to get back on track and break the cycle. These bad habits led to your addiction. You need someone to help you go further, faster.

Husband and wife team Craig and Michelle Perra are both Certified Life Coaches with personal experience overcoming sex and porn addiction. Together they survived and thrived through Craig’s sex and porn addiction. Craig and Michelle now work with men, women, and couples all over the world showing them a path back to strength, power, intimacy, and love.

   If You Want to Change You Need Our Coaching

  • Break your porn addiction by creating new healthy habits
  • Develop an action plan to identify and get the life you want
  • Be inspired to change
  • Embrace your power of choice
  • Be accountable to someone for your actions and commitments
  • Connect more deeply with your partner
  • Repair the damage caused by lies and betrayal
  • Develop productive substitutes for your porn time
  • We’re there to get you rebooted if you slip back into your bad habits

There are very few specialized coaches that deal with the growing habit of pornography addiction. Craig and Michelle’s combination of training, skills and personal experience helps them recognize the impact of porn addiction from both sides of a relationship. If you’re a woman looking for help for a spouse who has developed a pornography addiction then it will be more comforting talking to someone who understands your point of view.Craig-michelle

Craig took his own personal experiences and created a program that focuses on life altering changes and gets to the root causes of porn addiction. His no nonsense approach is recommended only for people who are serious about resolving their issues. The results have been nothing short of fantastic. Men who thought they could never go another day without feeding their addiction now feel more in control of their life, and have happier families, bosses and friends. Nothing comes easy, but those who commit to following Craig’s philosophy and guidance see results every day. If you want to transform your addiction to a life where you can make a difference and do good, you’ll want to hear what Craig has to say.

Craig can empower you to break your porn addiction quicker, to drive permanent change, and help you get the life you deserve. He teaches you to use the science of habit, addiction, mindfulness, and ACTION to get you where you want to go — off porn and living a great life.

Michelle can help you, the partner of a porn or sex addict, to move forward in your life beyond the hurt and betrayal. Her approach is empowering for women and helps them get through this very difficult time.

Together they help couples to heal from porn addiction and create a new level of intimacy that they never imagined.

Here are a few key results you can expect

  • You will get control of your sex and no longer be a slave to porn
  • Your wife (or partner), friends, and family will be happier with you
  • Your sense of self value will improve
  • You’ll have more time to do activities that are really important
  • You’ll contribute more at home, at work and in the community
  • (of course there are many more, we don’t need to list them all) 

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  1. Roy

    What a great cause you two have established! Even the general advice on this page has inspired me to continue to refrain from pornography!

    I am 19 years old. I have masturbated to hardcore porn once a day for the past seven years. Recently, I went on a weight loss journey, and managed to lose 41 pounds in 60 days through ketogenic eating and vigorous exercise. However, during this diet, I was very tempted to fall into sugar and excessive carbohydrate consumption. So, I decided to masturbate 3 times a day, as a remedy to take my mind off of food. This ultimately turned into five times a day. Here is what happened when I masturbated to pornography five times a day.

    In high school, I got every girl that I went for. My summer of junior year, I had a dream that I engaged in oral sex with a friend of mine. This may sound unrealistic, but I managed to tell her in a suprisingly well-thought out, comical manner, and as the sexually voracious teenager she was, she turned it from a joke into reality. One video a day did not result in a substantial amount of guilt, so I was able to be fun and flirtatious every day. But NOW, the smooth, inviting, romantic me has, for the lack of a better phrase, gone to shit! I feel very guilty and increasingly nervous around the female race, as if I have done something wrong. When I am around adults who have faith in me as a human being, “Hey Mrs. Gault, how are you” as I hug her, thinking to myself, “I just grabbed my dick a half hour ago at home and watched two Asian girls console themselves with sex toys and whipped creme.” It’s such a disgusting, uncomfortable feeling-not to mention horrifying to talk to the girls you fantasized over.

    I recently met a girl at school who I liked, and fantasized over once. I tried talking to her, she appeared interested, possibly wasn’t, but appeared to be, and I acted like a complete weirdo! So instead of recovering from the awkward pauses and making her laugh, I said goodbye, went to my room( I room alone, another reason that makes the battle harder) and watched porn!

    Comedian Pete Holmes once said, “When your wishing your at someone else’s orgy, spanking it in your room with dirty socks on…you’re not at your best.” And he is right.

    I am sick of feeling socially awkward, uninviting, and ashamed. I, as a true man who seeks to find one girl, hot as hell, to have the best sex with for the rest of my life, cannot be tethered by such a dangerous, destructive industry. I am disappointed by the figure of my partners because I am presupposing that they are going to have gargantuan asses, like the implanted, artificial, millionaire models. this needs to stop for me to live a fulfilling, romantic life.

    In following your guidance, I believe I will rebuild my confidence, feel comfortable around others, and most importantly,value the intrinsic beauty of the girl or girls who enter my life.

    Discipline is everything. Rebel against the industry that has taken away from the happiness of the male population, and most certainly has affected and arguably shattered a number of beautiful marriages and relationships.

    • Alex

      You are only 19. Most of us are socially awkward at this age. The only thing that you can do to get better is continue to force yourself out there and talk to people. Over time things will get better.

      Just give it 5-10 years max, and you’ll see if you continue to (force yourself to) be social, things will get much much better.

    • Matt

      Your intense craving for sugars should be satisfied with natural sugars found in fruit, not in sodas and HFCS that’s loaded in pizza sauce, etc. There is a reason your brain is screaming for calories, it needs them. The brain is not made up of fat, it’s made up glycogen, which is a combination of sugar and mineral salts. IT IS NOT FAT. Talk to anyone who has ever eaten cow brains or sheep brains. They will tell you it’s sweet. Your brain is no different. Do not fall into the fruit fear trap that has everyone smashing bananas under their feet and saying no to oranges. Eat fruit in abundance and cut out everything that’s clogging your liver with garbage. The reason ketogenic diets work so well initially to help one lose weight is that they are running on nothing but adrenaline since there is almost no fuel in the body. Adrenaline is very corrosive over time. If you want to lose weight initially doing ketogenic diets, great, but long term you are seriously hurting your brain and your body. Do not be afraid of dates, bananas, oranges, papayas, figs, cherries, berries, apples, mangos, etc. I’ve been eating tons of these foods every day for almost 4 years and I’m still 145 pounds. Never gained an ounce of weight doing this. Don’t fall into the lies about fruit sugar “causing” diabetes either. Diabetes is from a clogged liver that can barely breath being unable to support the pancreas which THEN can’t produce sufficient insulin to tell the cells in your body to accept sugar… hence “high blood sugar.” Too much fat is making the pancreas work double hard just to produce enzymes to help break it all down, not to mention it’s production of insulin. Cut out the fat, or at least bring it way way down. Even top paleo advocates are starting to slowly figure this out with their chronically ill clients in terms of what helps and what doesn’t. Tons of fruit and veggies, minimal animal protein. The body does not “run on fat.” There are gorillas in the jungle that are 300 pounds of straight muscle and eat nothing but bananas and figs. There are raw vegan fruitarians on youtube dead lifting 500 pounds up to 5 times at only 145 lbs. This is elitist world class weight lifting that demolishes a thousand myths in just one set.

  2. Protyay

    wer to start? Porn got the better of me, and my addiction knew no limits, thatz when i kept browsing of ways to stop n eventually i am here.
    Pour our heart out, datz the very first step … n Follow the guidelines rigourously..
    I will cum bak wid further developments. Thank U!

    • FTRW Coach Craig

      Welcome my friend. It was a pleasure speaking with you and I look forward to learning about your progress. Please keep us posted.

  3. Logan

    I am a teen i got caught on porn when I was 7 or 8 I have struggled since then i am a christian boy but I’m addicted to porn and I want to stop plz help me

    • FTRW Coach Craig

      Logan, I’m glad you are here. Early exposure to porn is very serious and can cause serious problems for many young men – you are not alone.

      You’ve asked for help, which is a great step, but what I want to know is what have you do so far to stop? What action have you taken? Are you working your way through the free course on this site?

      Action got you here and it’s the only thing that can get you out. To break a habit you have to make a habit – this is a scientific fact. What new habits are you trying to “install?”

    • Anonymous

      I’m in the exact same boat :(. There will be times when you don’t want to stop, but the only way is to keep resisting even then. I am also a Christian. Pray every morning, night, and every time of temptation for help. The deep breathing works great: just a few minutes ago I overcame a temptation (for the first time) by deep and slow breathing. Think of all the reasons to avoid porn. You could also distract yourself, but developing good habits is more effective in the long run. For a jump start, remove all temptations; give all Internet devices to someone for safe keeping or put web filtering software on them, hang around strong Christians as much as possible, don’t go to the mall (most malls have underwaear images). Anyway I sympathize, I am 16, I’ve done porn on and off for a few years, and until reading an article on this site, I felt I’d never quit. If your addiction may be backed by an emotional problem, try to fix it, avoid anger and frustration (my worst triggers) by relaxing (yawn, stretch, clear you mind, breathe deeply,etc.), spend lots of time with friends (stable, moral ones of course), don’t beat yourself up. Good luck.

  4. Dave Smith

    I am glad to see so many others. It is comforting to know there are others with this …. trouble.

    • FTRW Coach Craig

      You have much support my friend. I’m glad you’re here Dave. Welcome.

      How’s fixing the trouble coming?

  5. Miguel

    I would like to thank Feed the right wolf & there program that helps those of us who felt there was no way out the cycle of shame & gilt & numbing the pain that exist in our lives through the use of PORN & COMPULSIVE MASTERBATION. This unaware addiction to me at the time,was on schedule to consuming everything I held dear to me as a person. I never knew Porn & Compulsive Masterbation was my root of all evil!! It stopped my goals, focus,friends,employment,& MARRIAGE from functioning properly! If you find your self agreeing with my story in some way, shape or form it’s time to reach out for help. What I had to learn is I do have a choice, and also I am not my addiction. This secret & addictive behavior {acting out} robbed us of true joy & happiness and most of all my relationships with those who I really LOVED my family & Friends. Please take it from me Feed the right wolf will help you do just that! It’s time to start living Thank you Craig for walking with me through this time of awareness and change in my life. In just a few weeks i was able to regain control and work on my self and my Sexual Impulses, with out your help this would have not happened.Thank You

    • FTRW Coach Craig

      You are very welcome my friend and thank you!!!!! You are amazing. Watching your power of choice grow is incredible.

      I have the best job in the world – I am surrounded by powerful men who want a better life – free of sex and porn addiction, men who want to bring more love to this world . . . men who want more and are sick and tired of being sick and tired . . . men who want to embrace their power and finally start to shine like the great men they are.

      This is a rebirth of men my brothers, . . . men no more shackled by compulsive sex with pixels at the expense of people. We are using the corruption of our sex – that we allowed to happen – to grow our personal and professional lives in profound ways.

      Born here are better men, husbands, fathers, brothers, and leaders.

  6. Allen

    Girls, the prostitute was more moral dressed than you girls with your legs wide shown, be carefull what you dresed the clothes sends out a message.

    • Cam

      You are an idiot

    • Abdullah

      I 100% agree with you Allen: I am gald you overcame the wrong you were brought up to see as right. Wrong is wrong… I am very glad seeing anyone who discovere the truth though he was tought the oppisit. If everyone will stick to what he was brought up with, then what is the benefit of brain/mind?

      Based on that, I want to see how further you will go. Will you agree that the Islam command of hijab/niqab is good idea?

      To see what is niqab, watch

      Hijab is the same but the face is shown.

      Further more, you can watch this about Islam point of view, you can watch this:

      Dear Allen: As an open minded person, I belive that you are disregarding what the media lying about Islam. Having said that: I would love to see how further you will discover the truth about women. Do you agree with Islam’s point of view from the breif info the two vedios gave?

    • Maria

      Allen, I understand what you mean. I used to dress immodestly; however, I attracted improper comments and men who disrespected me. It’s sad when someone’s dress begs “look at me please” but they show more than they’d show at church, or in meeting your mother for the first time. I have a dear friend in her 40’s–smart, pretty, educated, but she dresses like an MTV video–cleavage, too tight, obvious lack of undergarments–and she doesn’t understand why men shse dates don’t commit, are married or have porn troubles. I wouldn’t wear a catsuit to court. My pet peeve is people picking their butt because their shorts are too tight and too short, especially in airplanes. Yuck. Why unfairly tempt people trying to recover from porn though, of course, relapse is on the person no matter how someone else is dressed. And no, I do not advocate islam; sharia is dangerous and horrible. I simply feel happier dressing modestly. I believe in self respect and personal accountability. Allen, you are spot on!

  7. teenager

    hey craig i started watching porn when i was 14 years old now i am 17 i cannot concentrate on anything at times please help me out life is going preety bad

    • FTRW Coach Craig

      Hello my friend, I am so sorry that you are struggling. It is very important that you take action and seriously consider telling someone. Your SEX is very important – it’s a critical part of who you and you have to stop abusing it – the long term consequences can be very serious. Have you followed each step of Alex’s course? That is a great place to start. Here is a link:

      I also recommend the book Breaking the Cycle, Free Yourself From Sex Addiction, Porn Obsession and Shame. It was written by my counselor and mentor George Collins. A solid portion of my work is based upon his revolutionary treatment modality. Here is a link to the book on Amazon –

      Please tell me what you are doing to get healthy.

  8. kevin

    hello i am kevin and since i was 12 years old i was a porn addict because my father liked to watch porn and put it on the lap top so i thought it one day by mistake and till now i am 18 and can stop being an addict and my best for staying away from it is 2 weeks i relay feel like it’s wrong and destroying my social relations and everything in my life and effecting my study so sometimes i feel like i dont want to talk so please please help me and tell me how to stop watching this porn

    • nemesis

      Dear Kavin, I have a similar story. Six years ago, My father, being a non-techy person, gave me a CD (which he found near our house) to see what it is. Being curious, I opened it and for the first time in my life, I saw the whole body of a woman in a video. My emotion on that occasion was so POWERFUL, so unimaginably HUGE that I couldn’t help myself seeing it again and again (of course, in the absence of my parents). That was the start of my downfall to porn addiction. Later, I watched porn over internet (I believe, just to experience such HUGE emotion again) many times but never experienced such a HUGE emotion again.

      The emotion, whether HUGE or not, was a mixture of sexual satisfaction, anxiety/fear of being caught, release of stress (I would rather call it an escape from REALITY), self-pity, self-deprecation, and may be something else. Of course, I would afterwards regret and promise not to it again. But after seeing a cleavage/naval/hip I again go back to that vicious cycle…. you know what, just while writing this, I started searching for hips and other stuff. O man, where shall I stop???


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