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Craig Perra, JD, Certified Professional Coach

Coach Craig Perra, is a Certified Life Coach and a former executive and attorney for Fortune 500 companies. He now empowers men and couples all over the world to heal from the insanity of compulsive sexual behavior. He is full of energy, very passionate about recovery, and really knows his stuff.


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Q. How much does this Webinar Cost?

A. It is 100% Free

Q. Why should I attend Webinar, don’t you already have all this information on the site?

A. Yes a lot of the information that we are going to share is already available on the site. Motivation, however, is like showering. We recommend it daily. Well, at least weekly with the help of our Free Webinar 🙂

Additionally, the format of the Webinar is very interactive, and you get to ask any question you want during the three Q&A sessions.

Q. I am worried about my privacy, would I have to go on the camera?

A. We take privacy very seriously. While you are required to have a working email to attend the webinar, you can use a secondary email and provide a fake name, we will not check.

Additionally, there will be NO use of web-cameras, so you can stay as anonymous as you’d like.

As you can see, you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain.

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  1. Thomas

    Looking forward to it. Really enjoyed the webinar a few weeks ago. Hearing other people’s comments was encouraging and I have been better. Frustrates me that due to our cultures obsession with women I am in a constant fight. I think my local online newspaper today has a half a dozen links to “hot women”. Im just trying to read the news. thanks for the vent I will be signing up.

  2. Alex

    Do you have any questions? Feel free to ask in the comment area.

    • ME A lone

      Dear Alex,

      Thank you for the supportive effort, I realy appreciate it, I feel changing and gradual improvement.

      Pleae let me know what time is the Webinar?

      Thanks a lot

      • Alex

        It will be every Thursday at 6:30 pm PST or 9:30 pm EST.


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